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ASP Plasticuffs Information

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ASP plasticuffs are advanced, single use, tactical restraints, designed to meet law enforcement standards.  
Unlike normal plasticuff restraints these have no sharp edges. Sharp edges can cut the subjects arms which in turn may lead to disease transmission. Compact, speedily deployed and effortlessly applied these are a lightweight, space saving, god send. The lightweight space saving design is very much apprized by people who are limited on the amount they can carry.

The ASP Tri-Fold plasticuff is 533mm long, 13mm wide and fabricated using injection moulded thermoplastic. The ratchet is pick resistant due to the covered locking mechanism and can be fastened in a single action.

As with many items designed for the police force, space and weight saving is a big factor. Due to the use of moulded plastic, the plasticuffs weigh very little and can be folded into a small case to save a lot of space, compared to metal handcuffs.

The ASP Tri-Fold Restraint Rings are around 35mm in diameter and constructed of durable plastic. They are re-useable and should be attached to the retaining block which docks in the top of the tri-fold restraints twin duty case. You will require these if you wish to use the duty case. The loop can also be attached to clips or belt buckles, providing further restraint and storage capabilities. 

ASP Tri-Fold Restraints Twin Duty Case is a discreet case that contains two plasticuffs. The duty case can be securely attached to belts up to 50mm, giving a great solution to the problems regarding multiple restraints. This item is also popular as it doesn’t stand out like other types of plasticuffs, which are attached to the belt and have no cover.
Plasticuffs are available in yellow and black. Yellow is for safety and black is for tactical use. All colours have a textured finish for writing on which is perfect for quick and easy identification of a subject.  

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